Dona Jo Leggings : Review & Promo Code

Earlier this week Dona Jo Fitwear sent me some of their leggings to try out.  I’ll admit, I pretty much never run in pants, but since becoming a spin instructor, I’ve turned into a bit of a legging snob.  Plus, let’s be honest — stretchy pants are LIFE working in the fitness industry!

Great first impression:  As I opened the package, I could already tell by the feel they were good quality!  I loved the print and color of the pair they sent me, too.

These are their Primavera leggings:


At first I was a little skeptical about the sizing.  When I saw that they only came in 3 different sizes, I wondered how that would play out.  I am a size 2, so I went with their Size 1 and they were a perfect fit.  It’s like they were tailor-made just for little ole me.

Size 1: (0-8) Size 2: (10-14) Size 3: (16-20)

They feel supportive and hug in all the right areas, and are extremely comfortable while being lightweight at the same time.  You barely feel them on!


Another thing I mean by “good” quality, is that the material is not too thin.  This is important!  There is nothing worse than bending over or squatting down in the gym, accidentally displaying your awesome zebra-patterned thong through your leggings for all to see.  Yikes!  Not the case with these.  Ladies, you can confidently rock your tackiest print of underwear under these leggings, fear not.  I hiked 3 miles and then ran 6 more miles in them today, with not even so much as a sweat mark showing.  Wow, loved that!


I have quickly become a big fan and will continue to recommend this product line.  Dona Jo’s has also has a full line of other clothing as well.  Next on my radar are their Kingdom leggings, which happen to be a top seller.  Yep, I need them in my life!

 Don’t forget when you go explore the fit-wear of Dona Jo to use my code:  FITWITHLISS at checkout to save you 20% off your purchase.  Yay!  Happy shopping, friends!



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