66 Audio -BTS Active Headphones

I recently had the opportunity to try out the BTS Sport Active Headphones from 66 Audio.



Right off the bat, I love that they came in a package appropriate for their size!  Far too often companies use packaging much too big for the product it’s housing.  Unless I am buying a refrigerator —  I shouldn’t need kickboxing to break down the boxes.  I get enough cardio, just sayin’.  Moving on…


The headphones are wireless and Bluetooth compatible . They have a real-time battery indicator that shows on your mobile device (much like your phone has for it’s battery level) which is HUGE because you can see how much battery is left and not leave yourself stranded with dead silence on a long run!

The rechargeable lithium battery has 25 hours of continuous playback and 400 hours on standby. That far surpasses any other headphones I have owned and a big plus.

 There are buttons on the earpiece to play, pause, skip and adjust volume on your music. Additionally, you can answer or deny calls from the headphones also, truly handy and one of my favorite things about this headphone.  They have a built-in microphone where you can even enable the voice recognition function on your smart phone.  Whoa.

 They are lightweight and do not bounce around when moving or running.  I have a smaller-size head and have trouble finding headphones that either stay on my head, or stay in my ears (depending on what type they are).  However, after a few trial sprints through the living room, I ran 10 miles in these without having to adjust them once!  Impressive.


 Definitely, a great product I will continue to use and one I would recommend, whether you use them for running/walking or working out in the gym!


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