Promo Codes

 I wanted to make a quick blog post to share promo codes I have as well as just a few of my go-to training and racing essentials that I get questions on.

  Handful Active Wear Promo: Melissa = 12.5% off

These are the sports bras that I run in and adore!  “Flatter not flatten,” as they say!  They are so comfortable, and the straps are interchangeable, depending on the type of top you’re wearing.  Their mission is to inspire and celebrate women everywhere.  These are supportive and super comfortable. not only for running, (I have run up to 26.2 in these bras with zero chafing, BTW), but also just for lounging or everyday wear.


Miles & Pace

Promo: Fitwithliss20 = 20% off

This is a San Diego-based company that my sister stumbled on a couple years ago, when she was shopping and feeding our Trucker Hat obsession.  If you have followed me long via social media, you have likely seen me pictured in their hats – as I have about every color they offer!  They also have other cute apparel as well.


66 Audio

Promo: Fitwithliss = 15% off

This is a Los Angeles, CA-based company that I connected with a couple years ago and have been running with their wireless, Bluetooth headphones ever since!

I have and LOVE all of them:  BTS Sport, BTS Pro, Revolution (this one is great from traveling on a plane, or lifting in the gym when you might need noise cancellation).  And most recently, they added their PRO Voice (pictured below), which has Alexa features.  These headphones have the best battery life of anything I have tried.  I also have never sweated through a pair of these, or had them short out!


These next things, I don’t have promo codes for, but I get asked on my preference for them, so I still wanted to share!

Knockaround are the sunglasses I love for running because they are lightweight, inexpensive and come in tons of colors (you can even customize).  They are great for kids as well, they even have a specific kids line.  My boys love them!


Gatorade Endurance

  Fuel of choice!  Last year, at the beginning of my Marathon training cycle, I was having trouble keeping things down during some of my longer/tougher workouts.  Gross, I know.  Figuring out what sources of nutrition work for you on the run is a game changer.  One of their Athletes, Oliver – @trilife365 is a friend of mine, and gave me some samples that hooked me.  You may remember this pic from my most recent 26.2 recap – these are my go-to products of theirs! And Candy Corn is a pre-race night ritual (not a joke)…Hahaha!  These things fueled a 23-minute PR and my first BQ in November!



  The watch I wear and love for racing and training is my Forerunner 235


I can track running, cycling and (indoor) for both of those sports as well with this watch,  and this one has built in HRM on the wrist, which I like so I don’t have to wear a chest strap.  I also had the VivoActive, which can also track all of that as well as pool/lap swimming (not open water swim because you have to input the meters) and has golf gps features.


Annnnnnnnd we all know my sock problem is about as bad as my trucker hat problem!  Procompression always has a sock of the month and typically offers promo codes for them, so I can fill you in on those through the month if you reach out to me.

Compression socks are so helpful in warding off muscle soreness and fatigue.  The increase in blood flow to any broken down soft tissue can repair itself quicker when you have the right amount of pressure in the right places.  I wear them not only for training and racing, but after tough workouts and races as well to help speed up recovery.  Not only that but they are so fun and colorful, it gets addicting coordinating them to your run outfits.



My running shoe of choice!  I have run in Asics since High School, and let me tell you, once you find something you can log a lot of miles in without injury or issues, STICK WITH IT!  I have been so fortunate to have such good luck with this brand that I stay loyal to them.  I run in many different models, and depending on the model, tend to keep the mileage on them between 300-400 miles.


What things are your “must haves” for training and racing?  I love hearing what everyone else uses, because I feel like the opinions of everyone I chat with across social media have so much more validity than just reading random product reviews.

  Run Happy, my friends!


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  1. 2 things. Nothing beats a BOCO Gear trucker hat. And I’m intrigued by the glasses. As someone who owns probably too many Oakley I need some inexpensive shades and was looking at a couple other brands. Might have to order a couple knockaround.


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