Day 730..

Today marks a TWO year Run-Streak anniversary for my sister and I.


Depending on how long you have followed my journey, you know that this is my 2nd run streak.  My first one ended just over 2 years ago, when my youngest son spent 4 nights at Rady’s Hospital when he had Pneumonia, Bronchiolitis and RSV — and I never left his side.

When Liam and I got out of the hospital my sister decided to start a new run streak with me, not knowing how far we would go, we just made the decision to do it together this time.

This picture was taken after we had been released from the hospital, and I knew my lil’ tough guy was gonna be okay, and Mommy could run again.


I documented a little of our Sister Run-Streak journey as we hit some of the milestones, such as:

Runstreak Day 100 and our

1 year RunStreak-iversary

if you’re interested in reading those posts!

In two years time, we have learned quite a bit about running, about racing, and just about ourselves in general, through the hours of mileage.  We’ve been dedicated through 2 years of work, travel, family life, kids sports, and illness (ourselves & kids).  I can’t say that it’s always been “easy” (thanks, stomach bug….twice), but I have loved having something positive to focus on.  My very first streak started at a time in my life where I needed something like that, and it served its therapeutic purpose.


We’ve been fortunate enough to continue on cautiously without injury, by running smart and knowing when to push and when to pull back.  I have become a faster and stronger runner over these last 2 years.

That being said, I want to take a second here to mention that I am in no way stating that Run-Streaking is right for you, or that it is how you will get faster.  We have a “1 mile minimum” for “Rest Days,” which is basically used as an active recovery day.  We would never risk injury to continue on just to keep the streak alive.  You can run streak safely, but you have to be smart about it.

Through these last 730 days, we’ve run through fun weather…


We’ve run through miserably hot weather  — Thanks, Fontana — (93 degrees at the 13.1 finish line).  Awful!


We’ve run half marathons with props (I ran the whole 13.1 with that foam hat on) ..


which was, coincidentally, the same race in SF where we learned that things like Fireball the night before a “fun” race can make it a little more challenging!

We don’t always get to run together, but we’ve been able to share in our running journey —  and this 2 year experience which has been so fun and memorable.


It’s not always beautiful, scenic runs — in fact, I run quite a bit on my treadmill as my 2 boys are young, and with my schedule it has to happen that way.  This past summer during my marathon training, I knocked out my longest run I’ve ever had to do on the treadmill — 17 miles.  I think it’s safe to say that I have leveled up my mental toughness game these past two years.

At this point, I am going to continue on my streak.  I’m not sure that my sister has decided yet whether her streak will continue past this two-year milestone, as her work and family schedule can be quite demanding.  But either way, I am so proud of her for making it this far, and coming all this way with me when it’s not always been easy!  I know with some of the stories we’ve collected along the miles, and all the laughter, we’ll talk about them for years to come, and that’s what it’s all about!


Cheers to day 731 — Run Happy my friends!


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