National Love Your Body Day

October 18th is National Love Your Body day!

Be unapologetically YOU.

“Today is YOURS to shape – own it- break free from people and things that poison or dilute your spirit – make it a great day!” — Dr Steve Maraboli

I joined in with two companies I love;  Momentum Jewelry and Handful Activewear who together started a #beYOUtiful campaign on self-love and women empowering other women!

I get asked quite a bit to share about my post baby journey and thought today would be a good day to do that again.

As a Mom who had two c-section babies 23 months apart, I had what started as a difficult journey back to my pre-baby health and learning to love my (now forever changed) body.  I was lacking motivation, support and feeling lost as of where to start.  I share my story and my transformation on Instagram because seeing other women and Moms do the same thing is what inevitably made me get off the couch and realize that I too could regain my health!

In my first pregnancy I gained 68 lbs — nope not a typo!  A special thank you to pancakes, chicken flautas and Little Debbies Snack cakes — without you, this weight gain would not have been possible!  This was me about 2.5 weeks before my oldest Son was born.


I lost maybe all but 15 lbs before getting pregnant with my youngest Son.  I only gained 28 lbs with Liam — this was me a few hours before his c-section.


 I was very fortunate to have amazing recoveries from both of my c-sections, my same OB delivered both my boys and she is phenomenal!

The struggle came after recovery.  I was cleared to work out 6 weeks post pardom but here I sat with a newborn and a 2-year-old, not enough coffee in the world, and ZERO motivation to stop eating like I was still pregnant.  Totally normal for new parents!  Both Moms & Dads!

As someone who was a runner before pregnancies, I felt too heavy and uncomfortable in my own skin to hit the road running again.  I can recall being out walking my 2 week old Son in the stroller one day and having some poorly raised teenage boys passing by yell out the car window that I better start running instead of walking. Does the judgement of those kids really matter? No, but the power of words can leave a scar.  It may not cause you physical pain but like a scar, it’s something that sticks with you.  That was years ago and I still remember it vividly.

After that incident I did at home workouts and used my treadmill until I had lost my first 20 lbs and felt confident enough to be back out on the road.  Prior to that I had been feeling very unhealthy and was still wearing maternity clothes 7 months after pregnancy.

This was a glimpse at my Transformation starting with the Day I was cleared to work out on the left, 6 weeks post pardom after my 2nd baby.   Between the first 2 pictures I nearly broke my ass falling off the wagon so many times!  It was comparable to an 8 month long ping pong tournament.  The middle picture was the day I started and finally never looked back.  No more falling off the wagon once I hit that point, something had clicked.

And most importantly, from that day on I learned to celebrate and be proud of myself for all my small victories along the way, not just waiting until I hit big goals.


My biggest issues in getting started were diet and water consumption!  I was barely drinking any water.  Once I hit that middle pic I cut out gluten to jump-start my weight loss, and I started drinking the correct amount of water (in addition to my exercise) my body responded very well to that!  I dropped around 9 lbs in that first month, in  December no less which was HUGE!  When you truly start to love and respect your body, you treat it better, and you fuel it better.

The biggest piece to the puzzle for me was support — it still is.  There are ALWAYS gonna be hard days, no matter what your goal is.  Weight loss, weight gain, running faster, lifting more, swimming stronger, whatever your goal is, on the days when you want to give up and start to slip, having that support system safety net to catch you is critical!

I have connected with and met so many amazing, inspirational and strong people through social media, some whom I have become such good friends with — many of them right here in surrounding cities to me and have offered support that has carried me from one goal to the next.

Find your tribe, surround yourself with motivated people who are going in the direction you are and let go of any negativity holding you back.  That was my problem.  I was my own biggest roadblock.

“Have faith in your journey.  Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you where you’re going.”  — Mandy Hale

FullSizeRender(14) copy 4

#beYOUtiful #momentumjewelry #handfulactivewear



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