RoadRunner Craft Classic

One of my favorite things about being a runner is race weekends!  And nothing exhilarates the feelings and the vibes of a race day like a well-put together race event.

The RoadRunner Craft Classic Half Marathon & 5k kicked off their 2nd annual race in San Diego (their series also hits Phoenix, Seattle & Atlanta) this past Sunday, and it did not disappoint!

The Expo was at the Roadrunner Sports store located in San Diego.  If you’ve run other races in San Diego, you’ve likely visited them before picking up race bibs, as they house a few other expos out here.  It’s always an organized expo, set up in the parking lot and then winds through the store.. (well-played, RoadRunner) just in case you may have any unnecessary (but totally necessary) items you may need for race day.

Literally me in a running store:

FullSizeRender(14) copy 2

They do carry just about every kind of running fuel, which is perfect for those last-minute stock up needs. They also had great photo props which is always fun!

FullSizeRender(15) copy

Peter ( @peterpfischer ) and I tried a few out!


FullSizeRender(16) copy

After the expo I figured I better scope the scene of the crime for the next morning…that landed me at the San Diego Green Flash Brewery — if you have never visited this Brewery while in San Diego — Change that.  I was pretty stoked they were the beer partner for the race.  It’s an awesome atmosphere,

FullSizeRender(20) copy

with great beer,

FullSizeRender(21) copy

and really good food.  This grilled chicken sandwich with spicy guacamole was


FullSizeRender(14) copy

I hid behind that thing while I threw ketchup on my shirt like a savage, eating french fries. Can’t take me anywhere.  Carb loading can be messy, we’ll leave it at that.

After all that fun, and eating half a NY style pizza ( #nevernotcarbing ) while getting set up for the morning, I managed to lay out my flat runner.  I always tag these posts on IG with the products that I use, so if you want to check that out, you can do so here.

FullSizeRender(14) copy 3

On race morning, I was one mile from the 5k start line, so I got ready and jogged down there as a warm-up.  I had some time to meet up with a few friends, and was so happy to finally get to see Smitha again ( @runningwithsd ).  She’s a fellow Procompression Ambassador, and had just gotten back from her trip to Iceland.  She still rolled in for this race — jet-lagged and all!  AND it was her Birthday weekend!


The half marathon kicked off at 6:30am (in a separate location), and the 5k took off at 6:45am.  It stayed overcast, which was a blessing — but it was humid for sure!  Not running this course before, I hit some hills you would otherwise not expect during a short and fast 5k race.  I did look at the course map prior to racing, but I don’t think it registered appropriately.  My first mile was my fastest (in true Melissa fashion), and the easiest of the race as the first big hill did not hit until the last 1/4 mile or so.  My Garmin read 521 ft of elevation gain. That’s more than I like for a 13.1 race. 🤣 It was an out and back course, which I know many hate, but I just love them!  I love that “turn and burn” feeling at the halfway point, when you flip around and know you’re headed home.  It fires me up!

Closing in on the last mile, I had no idea how many people were ahead of me.  I just wanted to finish.  This course ends with a big hill at the finish, and I had emptied the tank, for sure.  I crossed the finish line and was shocked to hear I placed 3rd over all female!


Some of you guys probably know Jessica ( @sugarruns ) — she was the one who gave me that happy news when I crossed the finish!  She was the 2nd place over all female, missing 1st place by 2 seconds.  A total running bad ass, this one is!


We were soon joined by some more of our squad!


We also found beer, and Josie ( @josie_a21 )!

FullSizeRender(17) copy

At 8:00am they kicked off the awards ceremony, and I got to stand on a race podium for the first time!  I have placed in a few other races, but they never had podiums, so this time really felt legit — and there was room for our beers!

FullSizeRender(19) copy

FullSizeRender(18) copy

I ended up being 3rd OA female out of 657 females and 27th OA out of 1,152 men & women total in the race.  I was pretty happy with that, considering I am not in what I would consider 5k shape.  I have been marathon training, and focusing on mileage building rather than speed.  However, this little checkpoint of a race let me know I am continuing to get stronger.

And of course, more of the same after the race…


The medal and free tank (that I am wearing) which you got at bib pick up were impressive!  And not pictured was a beer glass they also gave us with the same logo as my tank. Love it.


This was such a well put together event.  I will absolutely be a repeat offender next year. And I wouldn’t mind checking out another city for this race either.

Lastly, I am an Ambassador for this race series, so if you are interested in running in any of the upcoming cities, click the city below to take you to the registration.  Then just plug in my promo codes to save some money:

Promo Codes: FITLISS5K ($5 off 5k)  FITLISSHALF  ($10 off half)

Atlanta 9/9/17

Seattle 9/10/17

Phoenix 10/15/17

Thanks for the memories, Craft Classic, see you next year!

FullSizeRender(16) copy 2

As always, I love to hear about your experiences if you ran this race, or if you are running one of the upcoming ones!  Run happy my friends!





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