Rock n Roll Carlsbad 5000

Oh.  Hey!  Here I am again, as you can see I continue to excel in my ability to set a new PR for length of time between blog posts each time I circle back.  UGH.  I probably said the last time that I was gonna be better about it… I dare not lie to you again.  No promises!

Last weekend I spent a couple days in Oceanside & Carlsbad, CA.  This is a very big race weekend every year, because these two cities house the Oceanside 70.3 Ironman on Saturday, and then the Carlsbad 5000 and All Day 20k on Sunday.

On Saturday I woke up a ran a quick 2 miles to get my legs going, but didn’t wanna over do it.  I had woken up Friday feeling run down and with a sore throat.  It was a beautiful morning though, all our recent rain did California some good.


After that, I headed to Carlsbad for my 5k Expo – It was crowded but they are good about keeping things moving quickly here.  This is always a great expo, lots of vendors and things to shop.


This year I grabbed my stuff and scooted through pretty quickly, because I was heading over to the Oceanside Pier to watch some friends come through the finish line.  It was a gorgeous day — nice weather, although probably a little too warm (for racing), per the Southern California norm.


Spent a few hours down there and had lunch, it was an awesome day — it’s relaxing to just be a spectator and cheer at a race sometimes, not gonna lie!

Got my flat runner ready later that night and was preparing to submit to the Melatonin Gods by 8pm, because I had about a weeks worth of sleep to catch up on!


I was all set to run the Carlsbad 5000 again the next morning.  It’s deemed “The Worlds Fastest 5k,” although the course is a fast one, there are a few hills that you forget about.  The kind that have you coming through the finish line saying, “Yeah, I don’t remember those hills from last year.”  In my opinion, I think “Fastest 5k” resonates from the competition that shows up on race day — not necessarily the course.  People travel in from all over and the race has two special waves of Men/Women Elite runners, very exciting to watch!

They also have an All Day 20k that happens as well.  So, if you have never run this race before, let me quickly explain the race goes off in waves by ages.  It’s broken down into 4 waves that go off about an hour (or more apart):  Masters Men’s Ages 40+ / Masters Women’s Ages 40+ / Men & Women ages 29 & under and People’s Walk / Men & Women Ages 30-39.  Now, as each of these 4 waves go off, the all Day 20k starts with each one.  They run four 5k’s.  Sorry, not trying to dumb it down — I assume no one else is as bad at math as I am. :::eyeroll:::  They also have to work around the schedule for the Coaster which can seem annoying, but benefits you because nothing would kill your 5k time faster than stopping to wait for a train to pass.  Promise!  Then once all 4 of those waves have gone the final two waves are the Elite Women and the Elite Men.  It’s thrilling, a “you have to see it to believe it” kinda thing.

I signed my Sister up to run this 5k for her first time this year.  This is our obligatorypre- race “why do we do this?” picture!


We also got to meet up with Anna again, her and her husband own the company — Miles and Pace that make these hats my Sister and I have in every color!  #justonemore

You can also follow them on IG here.


Bumped into some of the other Procompression Ambassadors, too!


And Kevin @bar_duh — he’s a University Track Coach near me; he helped me tweak and add in some speed and tempo workouts the last month before this race.  He also came back from a couple months off running with a broken arm, and still crushed a 17:25 5k or something ridiculous like that.  Crazy fast!


Finally it was time to start my race, felt like I had waited 3 days!  This year they added a wave in before mine so I ended up racing 2+ hours later than I did last year.  My Wave didn’t go until 10:30am.  If you have been following me on any social media outlet long — you know I am a about the heat.  I literally can NOT!  It was so hot when my race started and on top of not being 100% health wise, that definitely did not give me the greatest feeling going into this.

My sister and friends out on the course, who had already raced earlier in the morning, were able to catch some videos and pictures of me out on the road.


Coming through the finish here I had a nice little kick, although I was ready for it to be over.  The 5k is short but every runner knows it’s the one that HURTS!


I didn’t have a 5k PR, but I did have a PR on this course of about 90 seconds or so over last year — which I was very happy with!  Given the heat and how I felt, I know I ran hard for those conditions.


I finished in 20:36 (6:34 mile pace).

And how cool is this wall?!  Painted by the guy who drew this same design for the race shirts we got this year.  LOVE it!


After the race was over we headed to the beer garden.  It’s sponsored by the Carlsbad Pizza Port which is the exact location the race finishes in front of.

I finally got to meet Carlee — @carleemcdot and her Husband, Ryan — @ruggedwoodsman I have seen them at several races, all over social media, and love following their adventures.   I was excited to get the LIVE version!


And I bumped into Brett again!  The beer garden is usually a good place to find @run_for_beer after the races.  His IG name gives him away.  He’s a fellow Procompression Ambassador, and has an inspiring fitness journey.  We met for the first time in November after we both ran 26.2 at Revel Canyon City.


And then there is Shawn — @meswimbikerun  We’ve known each other for a couple years now and back when he first met me I was running 9+ min miles.  Shawn was the FIRST person that told me I could run faster around the time I was thinking about actually “trying” to start picking up my pace some, but didn’t think I could be faster.

I was at the finish line when this guy cruised through the Oceanside 70.3 finish (still smiling, of course) on Saturday in like 5 hours and then ran in the 6:55am wave on Sunday to crush a 18:12 5k…the freakin’ day after 70.3!  Crazy — and yes, he does it every year.

He’s also the CO- Owner of Tribe MultiSport in Scottsdale AZ, so if you are in the area — stop by and check it out!  You can also follow their shop IG here @tribemultisport


Everyone was stacking their empty cups on the way out of the beer garden and I was scared to be the one to knock it all down!


Whew!  #NailedIt


The shirt and the medal were both pretty perfect for this race.  The shirt is actually navy blue, although it’s hard to tell here.  I’m also palm tree obsessed so that little touch on the medal was perfect!

I received one of the special medals (ribbons) again this year; they give those out to the first 250 that cross the finish of each wave.  That’s why you see some like this and some with a ribbon that is orange.


Overall, this is probably a favorite race of mine.  Between all the waves and the Elite runners, it’s kind of an all-day event — and it’s so much fun.  The Rock n Roll series races typically NEVER disappoint.  Plus when it’s all over, you’re right in downtown Carlsbad with a ton of options for lunch.

I will be back again next year, but this time we are actually tossing around the idea of the All Day 20k.

Anyone else run one of these races this year?  Thoughts on the all Day 20k?!  I love hearing about your experiences.

Have a great weekend, you guys!


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