Avocado Half Marathon & 5k

I decided to try out the 3rd Annual Avocado 5k last weekend.  It was a local race for me, so I figured, why not?!  Plus, they had me at “avocado.” I figured being the Guacoholic that I am, I should probably add an avocado medal to my bling collection!

The Expo for this race was at The Running Center in Temecula.  I had recently bought a pair of running shoes in there, so I knew right where it was.  The bib pick-up was set up inside the store (which is smaller to begin with), so I was glad I got there right as it was starting because it was a little crowded.

Got Flat Melissa all laid out for race morning.  I always tag these pictures on my IG when I post in case you want info on my favorite run gear!  You can check out that post here.


Race morning was a little chilly, but I never run in anything but shorts.  Thankfully, living in Southern California all my life, the coldest weather I have had to brave in my shorts is around 30; it was 33 degrees on this race morning!

I caught a beautiful sunrise on my way over.


Parking for this race was fine as there was plenty of free lots around the start line.  The one big problem was the port a potty situation, UGH, a runners worst nightmare!  It may have been a smaller race, but listen…EVERY runner needs to use the bathroom before the race.  We had a half marathon and a 5k that started 15 minutes apart — versus a row of 10 port a potties.  TEN!  A couple of people in front of me that were running the half had to bail out of line to start on time and not use the bathroom.  I ran the 5k, but from what I heard there were also no port a potties on the course.  YIKES!  I don’t use the bathrooms during the races, but I know many do.

The race started on time, and I was excited.  Sometimes it’s fun to mix in the shorter races during all your distance training and racing, although, the 5k can hurt a little more because it’s run at quite a faster pace!

I felt strong during this race.  I could see the pace car which I thought was pretty cool.  I remember thinking several times while running “What are you doing up here, you don’t run this fast!”  The course was pretty much flat, a couple of teeny little rollers (if you could even call them that), but I was fired up that once I started this race, not one person passed me.  As I rounded the corner of the finish the one girl I had been running with pulled away (so I guess technically she passed me), but I ended up finishing 6th OA, the 2nd OA female and 1st in my AG.  I clocked an official time of 20:17 which was a 40 second 5k PR (just since December).  THAT felt awesome!


Now, I am about to tell you the best part of this race….are you guys ready?!  When you crossed the finish line and got your medal — they also handed you a big ole avocado!!!


I’ll pause here so you guys can regroup after news like that.

 I was able to get a few pictures and then watch the first finishers come through from the Half Marathon.  I got to meet a couple local IG-ers for the first time — @runningnerb and @erinsrunnerdpt

  And then got to see some of my fav local repeat offenders– @alissamwc and @negativesplitspositivevibes these two used this as a 20-mile training run day, and ran 7 miles before the race.  They then proceeded to place 1st & 2nd OA females in the Half Marathon!  So many local bad asses here in my area.


And @run_love_smile who I have had the pleasure of bumping into at a few races but we never snagged a picture together until now!


Overall, this was a great race, and I will likely do it again next year — the shirts were pretty cute too!


And in case you were wondering, I cracked open that avocado (that was finally ripe this weekend) — and polishing that off was what fueled me for this recap.

One more look at that avocado bling!


I’ve got one more 5k coming up here in April (before I’m onto my longer races) at the Carlsbad 5000 and it’s a local favorite and a fun race as well.  Hoping to come out of this one even stronger!

Anyone else run the Avocado Half or 5k, or planning on running Carlsbad?


2 Comments on “Avocado Half Marathon & 5k”

  1. Great sunrise. So does Flat Melissa sleep like that the night before a race? Or does everything get jumbled on the floor like some people prep?
    Oh and congrats on a 40 second PR – that’s huge!

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