Surf City Half Marathon

Super Bowl Sunday started out at the Surf City Half Marathon for my sister and I this year.  It turned out to be a great race day, although there was some humidity to battle the cool temps and overcast skies made up for it.

I went to the expo the day before and stopped by the @werunsocial and @procompression meet up that was at the Procompression booth.  These are fun meet ups — all are welcome and they are always a great way to connect with other runners other than our little square world on IG.

A few of us posed for a couple quick pictures, it was great meeting up with some of the other Procompression Ambassadors for the first time!



I was happy to finally get to meet Stephanie — we have been following each other and connecting on IG for awhile now!


I picked up my race packet and cruised the expo for a bit — this race and Carlsbad probably have 2 of the best expos out here.  Love the color of the shirts this year!  I wear a small so that is what I got but I noticed the sleeves seem a little short on this shirt so next year I might size up just for that reason.  You know, because long sleeves are so crucial here in Southern CA for our frigid 50 degree temps!!


My sister and I also found a few other must haves.  She bought me this cute tank, and I got us matching trucker hats.  If you have followed us long, you know we have a #justonemore attitude about our trucker hats!  This one reminds me of my Run Revel hat too which I love!


All set for Half Marathon 28!


FlatMel with all the mint & purple beachy vibes for this race!


Race morning my sister and I parked about a mile away, then took the free shuttle to the start line.


Already having run the Surf City 10 Miler in October, I knew what to expect course-wise.  It’s the same out and back course a long the coast with an extra 3 mile loop added in. The race started right on time, I crossed over the start line and through the first mile I just had a feeling this race was going to go well.  I am notorious for starting out fast and then slowing up sometimes.  When my mile 1 beeped at me and it was 7:09 pace (which was too fast), I KNEW it was good luck.  My birthday is 7/9, and I know it’s really random, but every day, whether it is 7:09 am or pm, I always look at the clock/watch at that time.  EVERY DAY!  SO weird, I know.

I felt good.  Mile 3 was my fastest at 7:03 pace but here is the thing, I never had the “Omg, I am going to die” feeling yesterday.  I kept running and feeling strong.

Since I set my PR last April, I have felt like I have not been able to touch that and this last couple months, started thinking maybe that is where I am capped out.

I promised myself this race that if I started feeling tired, I was going to think about my Grandpa.  He had a tough week last week, and he is the strongest man I have ever known.  Letting him hear you say “I can’t” is the fastest way to piss him off — I only made that mistake once.  He was going to be my sole motivation when fatigue set in.  As I passed through Mile 10, my sister was passing by in the other direction and was holding up her camera to take a pic of me.  I threw my arms up in the air and smiled, and I felt so happy… I was at mile TEN, feeling good — she snapped this as I ran by!


I ran through 10 strong and told myself, “Okay — as long as I don’t blow it, I am going to PR today!”   When I hit 11 and still felt good, emotion kicked in.  My mind wandered to my Grandpa, and also this past hard couple of weeks I have had, and my eyes filled with tears.  For almost 1/4 mile, I was having trouble trying to breathe, as a couple tears streamed down my cheeks.  That emotion gut punched me.  I kept my pace and focused on controlling my breathing, telling myself I could pick up my pace a bit from the last couple miles, and I did!   My last 2 miles were 7:38 and 7:31 pace, and THAT is a victory for me.  I usually can never bring it back that strong in the last couple miles!

I had such a a huge grin on my face coming in at that finish line;  I threw my arms in the air as I crossed it like I was winning the whole damn thing!  People were probably thinking, “Calm down, girl…a few hundred people already came through!”  I didn’t care though.

I finished 342 out of 10,280 runners overall, and 20th out of 915 in my AG which felt pretty good for such a big race!  I was so happy to look down after crossing the finish and pausing my Garmin to see this:  PR BABY!!!


(My official time was 1:38:12 and my previous PR was 1:39:09)

As soon as I came through and looked to my left, I saw Kim @kkapinos and I was so excited!  We have followed each other for a while on IG but had not yet met in person, and she has been such a positive inspiration to me.  This one here crushes race after race, she’s fast and beautiful!  Looking at this picture made me remember our first minutes were actually spent trying to untangle a necklace and something else on her.  It was not successful.  RIP necklace.


I realized I didn’t get a group picture of all of us with Kim’s Partner-in-Crime, Neil @whydoirun but he slayed his 26.2 yesterday with his first sub 3-hour marathon.  That’s pretty bad ass!

Saige @saigeybeann is another rock star I got to meet for the first time and she crushed a new PR as well!


We also found Pam @pammyruns who I have already had the pleasure of meeting, in fact we had just seen each-other 2 weeks before this at the Carlsbad Half!  She’s a fellow Procompression Ambassador as well, who also came cruisin’ through that finish line strong.


And I was color matchy-matchy with the finish line!


You have to take advantage of the races with a beer garden, because they don’t all have them these days.


My sister and I also got to meet up with a couple of our friends that live right down where the race finished.  I am always so happy to meet up with this beauty; Jodee and I met back before we were pregnant with our sons, and they will both be turning 5 in March now — time FLIES!  I treasure my friendship with this cute lil’ nurse.


Overall, this was such a great race!  I bumped into @kristelalliaume at the expo — bummed I didn’t think to snag a picture with her, but she did an amazing job coordinating this race/event!  Well done, girl!!

I will absolutely be running this again next year!  Did I mention this race series has the coolest medals?!


Until next year Surf City!



Who else ran this year?


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