Carlsbad Half Marathon

Yesterday was the Carlsbad Half Marathon and marked my 6th time toeing the line on this course!  I’ve taken on the full marathon here once and the half marathon 5 times now.  It’s a beautiful out and back course filled with rolling hills and beach views.

It’s always my first race of the New Year and a great way to set the tone for the rest of the race season.

The expo for this race is set up in the same spot in the mall parking lot at Plaza Camino Real every year (which is great because there are no parking issues) — it’s also the location where the race starts and finishes.

On Saturday, I took my 2 toddler boys with me to the expo and undoubtedly burned more calories there chasing them then I did in the actual race — but we got it done!  We grabbed my sister’s stuff too, since she was running as well, but not coming down until race morning.


Got my fan club to pose with me, but it was a tad sunny out, and Liam couldn’t be bothered to stop eating.


This year they gave out the free long sleeve tech shirt AND a free 1/4 zip pull over, which was awesome!  Typically, only people doing the full marathon get the extra jacket, so that was a big plus!


This is always a good expo with lots of vendors, but honestly, I was in and out as quickly as possible because…… toddlers.  If you’ve never shopped with toddlers well, you should keep it that way.  There is only so many times you can stroll through a public venue yelling things like “Don’t lick that,” before you start looking crazy.

My flat runner for this race performed better than the actual runner did!

I got lots of comments on the tank which is from Moxie Fitness Apparel and my socks are  the sock of the month from Procompression — which comes in 2 different color options, the black and gray I wore here, or the mint & purple you can see here.


Race morning weather was perfect, probably right around 50 and tolerable, compared to last year when I nearly froze to death at the start.  My throw-away gloves were likely overkill for the temperatures we had but I had already checked my bag, and mustard goes well with my skin tone, so I figured, what the hell!


I started this race in Wave 1 with this good lookin’ run squad!  IG has connected me with some of the most amazing and inspirational people across the last couple years.  Love getting to meet up with everyone race after race.


Two of these beauties were pacing the 1:40 group, Alissa –  @alissmwc and Maria – @negativesplitspositivevibes so I figured I would start the race with them.  I ran 1:42 on this course last year and my half PR is 1:39, I knew going in that I wasn’t in “PR” shape — (yes, there is such a thing) but I really started feeling off my game around mile 3.  I had some waves of nausea, and physically, my body was just not feeling it.  I hung with this pace group until about mile 6 then dropped back.  I hadn’t felt this way physically in a race since Fontana last Summer.  That race was due to high temperatures though, yesterday’s race weather was perfect, so I am bummed I wasn’t feeling better.

Seriously by about Mile 10, I had the letters DNF dancing around in my head, I was ready to throw in the towel.  I never walked, but I slowed to more of a jog.  What kept me going those last few miles was knowing that the first thing my almost-5 year old would ask when he saw me was to see my medal….and we all know you have to finish to get that.

I’ve run 27 half marathons, 4 fulls and a handful of smaller races and had never had a DNF, I couldn’t let that start now.

A friend of mine caught this as I was a few feet from the finish line, looking like I had a tough 13 miles!


I finished 6 minutes slower than I ran this course last year….but I finished.  I was hydrated going into the race but after finishing and drinking a couple bottles of water, my stomach settled, so I’m thinking it might have been something I ate.


My sister had some friends that ran this race as well, so we met up in the beer garden after.


And it was actually Tami’s birthday so of course we had to celebrate after her 13.1


Always a fun race in this beautiful, coastal city — whether you ran like you thought you would or not…


And of course the real reason we run…for the bling!  Or is it for the free banana?


Who else ran Carlsbad this year?  I love hearing how everyone else’s race went!

You can also connect with me on IG – @melissalynwilliams

Have a great week you guys — see you at Surf City!


10 Comments on “Carlsbad Half Marathon”

  1. I never take my phone with me so I miss out on all the race photos. I love reading your blog. hope you are feeling better. i do believe in ‘no tin PR shape’ comment. I started the race with a recovering calf strain, so in my head I was like ‘just run as much as I can mode’. I am doing srufcity, hoepfully i will see you there! i am doing the half tho.

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