Surf City 10 Miler

I ran my first 10 mile race at the Surf City 10 last weekend and this course with the scenic Huntington Beach views did not disappoint!

Let me start by mentioning it’s no secret that I love Halloween, and October is actually my favorite month.  It’s nice to watch the seasons change (for people in other states) and I just love decorating for Fall & Halloween.  So naturally, I had to get my sister and I matching tanks for this October race.

These tanks are from Miles & Pace , which is an awesome local San Diego company with the cutest running apparel.  My sister and I may or may not have their trucker hats in every color.


Here’s what #FlatMelissa looked like for this race.  All my favorite must-haves on any given training run or race day.


I missed the expo for this race, but packet/bib pick up the morning of the race was not an issue at all.  We parked in the big parking lot right next to the start line and all the tents to pick up your stuff.  Parking was $15, but worth it for a hassle-free race morning.  We had plenty of time to walk back to the car and drop things off.

Another thing that made this race near and dear to my heart was that there were plenty of port a potties as well as public beach bathrooms.  Let’s be honest, any runner knows that no port a potty lines on race day feels about as good as a PR in your race!

We had fun taking pictures before the race — Surf City Races have always been known for their epic photo ops and medals.


I really didn’t know what to expect for this race {time wise} since I had never done a 10-mile race before.  I had a few fellow runners predict “1:15” and I remember thinking, “No way!”  I figured any pace was going to be an automatic PR this time, so I would just run strong, and then use the time to try and beat on my next 10-miler.


As you can see, race day weather was terrific.  Near 70 degrees at the start, but the clouds and overcast skies saved it.  I run stronger for sure without that hot sun beating down on me; getting through 10 miles and finishing before the sun emerged was perfect.

The course was an out and back course, which I LOVE!  I know most get bored with that, but I love the turn and burn feels at that turn-around point.  It’s also a flat course right along Huntington Beach, which makes it a fast course, too.  PR potential here, people!  A friend out running the race caught a photo of me here after I had turned around.  I hung with a group of guys the first half of this race and ended up finishing it with one guy (whom I didn’t know), but we stayed side by side from mile 6 or so on.  It was a nice push for me — especially that last 2 miles when I might have otherwise slowed a bit.


When I crossed that finish line, I gotta say I was pretty proud.


I had pulled off pretty close to what others knew I could do, although I doubted myself.  Just goes to show you the power of having people who believe in you.  Not every race goes as planned so the ones that do feel that much more victorious!  I had no idea I could hold that pace for that distance, and it was such a happy little reminder of how far I have come with my running.


Oh, and as an added perk, my sister and I later found out that I had placed 3rd in my age group!  I know that may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people as some place in most races they run, but I was pretty excited to see my hard work and training starting to show.


After the race, we went just a few feet from the finish line to guzzle chocolate milk and enjoy the beach views.


And this years medal can also open your post race beer. Winning!


It’s kinda hard to believe that I have time to run with all the pictures that I take on race days!

My Sister wasted no time kickin’ off her shoes to feel that beach sand.


After the race, we had a some post run celebratory carbs…


I will absolutely be running this race again next year, and we will also be running the Surf City Half on Super Bowl Sunday on 2/5/17.  Cause why not log 13.1 miles along the beach before football, beer and wings?!  It’s actually this same out and back course with an added 3 mile loop to make it 13.1.

Lastly, the tech shirts for this race were pretty cute, although not a color I typically wear ( I admittedly never wear them anyways).  They had the shirts in women’s sizes, which is nice — helps it look more like a shirt and less like a potato sack.  I did hear some say they thought they ran a bit small, so maybe size up for these races.


That’s a wrap Surf City 10 — until next year!


Who else is running the Surf City Half or Full in February?  I do know the full is a Boston Qualifying course BTW, in case you’ve got a BQ on your bucket list!


3 Comments on “Surf City 10 Miler”

  1. Great post! I absolutely love that pic of the medal and beer! Doesn’t get any better than that! I cannot wait to run this! Congrats on a successful run. 🤗


  2. Great review. Even makes ME want to do the race. LOL Fantastic PR to get on past next time. Think of it that way! Beautiful course and photos, wow! P.S. That color tee will look good on you. 🙂


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