Marathon Training – Week 7

Hi, Remember me?!  I’m still here!  You may or may not remember — early rising, crazy run-streaking, working Mom of 2 toddler boys.  Any of this ring a bell?  Ahh, well anyways, I’m still around, trotting along 7 weeks into my training for my 4th Marathon. I may not have tried to qualify for Boston yet, but my 30-day lapse in time between blog posts qualifies me as the laziest blogger ever, so that should count for something!

 I ran 46 miles this week, and although most of that, unfortunately, has to be logged on my trusty treadmill, I am managing to make sure I get outside for all of my longer runs.  Having to rely on the treadmill so much (while my kids sleep) is not ideal, as it shelters me from things like road conditions, wind, the hot sun beating down on me and outdoor elevation.  It gets in my head, and I get down on myself throughout the week because I feel set back some times.  But I just continue on and trust my process; I know it’s working and I’m getting stronger.

I’ve gone back to doing my runs at a 1% incline to help challenge me, and I have been having pretty good success with interval and incline training on the treadmill as well.  Treadmill conditions are not always as “easy,” as some often assume.  It takes a great deal of mental will power to get through those runs, and although I may not have the sun beating down on me, my garage has felt like running in a sauna this summer — even at 4am some days!

I stay focused on the idea that being able to train for and finish 26.2 after having my two boys, losing 70 lbs and making a running comeback will be an accomplishment like no other for me.  That thought pushes me forward daily.  No matter what my time may be, I just want to be able to cross that finish line and say that I did it — again.  And this time with way more obstacles than my previous 3 marathons.  There may not be any actual hurdles in the event of the marathon, but some days sure feels like you’re jumping road blocks and obstacles getting to that finish.

Week 7 of training looked like this for me:

Monday: 8 miles (pace)

Tuesday: 4 miles

Wednesday: 8 miles

Thursday: 5 miles (Hills) middle 3 miles at 3-4% incline

Friday: 4 miles (4 x 400’s in the middle)

Saturday: 16 miles

Sunday: “Rest Day” aka: 1 mile minimum for a run-streaker.

I am also still shooting for 3 hours a week of Spin, too, which I made happen this week.   Yeah!

My mornings during the week typically start between 4-4:30am Monday-Friday, depending on the distance I need to get in before Preschool drop-offs and work.  I won’t say that it’s always easy.  It’s not.  But it is getting easier, and now 6:00am feels like sleeping in.  How’s that for silver lining?!


I finished out this week of training feeling pretty good.  Yesterday I ran 16 miles, which is the furthest distance I have run since my last 26.2 in 2010.  Wait, what?!  6 years?  With as much as I run, it just sounds crazy to me, too.  And let me tell you, it felt much better than it did back then.  I can safely say I am training smarter (and more consistent) these days.

One of the best parts of long run days is seeing that sun come up, as the minutes pass by it’s almost like watching a live water color painting.


I ran this 16 miles at an 8:04 pace which felt good, my legs stayed strong the whole time.  I also made a game-changing decision for this run.  Rather than running with my hydration belt, I have been using for my last few long runs, I ditched it and went with a hand held bottle instead.  This is the Nathan Speed Draw Plus Flask


Not only does is hold more fluid (18oz) than my hydration belt — it was just SO much better!  My hydration belt has felt SO heavy and annoying on my waist lately that I have just been over it.  And let’s be honest, with this summer heat, the last thing we need is one more thing to piss us off during a run.  The shape of this bottle made it perfect to run with.  I was worried how heavy it might feel holding 18oz but it honestly did not bother me at all.  With the hand strap you don’t have to even really “hold” it.  Also, it’s about as easy as drinking from a straw, no lid, no twisty tops, and it does not leak.  Yaaaaaaaaas!  Love it!

I can’t believe Monday marks the start of my Week 8 of training.  Time is flying!

Wishing everyone a successful & pain free week of miles — Run Happy, my friends.



3 Comments on “Marathon Training – Week 7”

  1. What an awesome post and welcome back! You are really kicking butt and inspiring me every day and I’m happy to follow your journey. I’m your treadmill twin as I get handcuffed while at the firehouse but those inclines help! Keep up your incredibly motivating work!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww thank you Frank! You just put the biggest smile on my face! Your training is inspirational and admirable as well especially in your strenuous line of work! Loved the different variations of firehouse push ups too btw!! 😂💪🏼

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t imagine the level of training you do and having toddlers and a new job. You are handling it well and keeping grounded. Glad you found an answer to hydrating while on long runs (or any runs!) that you like. This marathon will be easy-peasy for you. Just wait.


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