Sweet Summer time

I’m not always running.  In between life and Summer training, I’m typically looking for ways to entertain my two  spirited mischievous toddler boys.  Any toddler parent will tell you — hell hath no fury like being trapped in the house with curious and energetic children.

This weekend, the boys and I went to the beach for my niece’s birthday party.  It was such a beautiful day!


And while my 2.5 year old spent most of his day proving to DEFINE the term “Terrible Twos,” in between that were moments of smiles and giggles, seeing their eyes light up by something as simple as sifting sand through a strainer and finding all the seashells.


Watching life through the eyes of your children is refreshing sometimes – to see the joy and the love that they find in the simplest of things.

 It got me thinking; in all the chaos, the politics, the hate, the fighting over whose option is right, the parent shaming, the judging and the tragic deaths brought forth these days – I wish that I could filter the world around them and sift out all the evil.


I said the other week — we can’t control how others choose to live their lives, but we can lead by example through our own. As parents, we can love our children, protect them with everything we have, and surround them with enough good people so they grow up with the best chance of being good people, too. The world needs MORE GOOD people!  Children are sponges, so lead by example and give them something good to soak up.


Don’t forget to take a minute to just breathe (in between their tantrums), because when you stop and look around — this life is really messy but it’s really beautiful, too.



4 Comments on “Sweet Summer time”

  1. You certainly got this right! Beautiful photos and sentiment. The world needs people to act better. Some good people haven’t been given the right chance, or from birth, some have been taught to hate, been treated badly. It makes me sad to think of the little children that have suffered in this world. Good breeds good. Surround yourself with good people — it will make you a better person, for sure! Good support in one’s life is so important. Congrats on a great blog.

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