My transformation kickstart

 After my transformation posts on social media, I get a lot of questions and messages like:  How did I get started?  What tips do I have for someone starting out? What is my diet like?

So I wanted to share the two biggest things that I believe helped me break through the plateau (more like hopeless, unmotivated RUT) I was in and kick-start my weight loss.

That being said, I want to add there is no miracle answer here.  These are simple things and may seem like common sense  — but until I actually applied them, nothing else worked for me. I’m also going to mention that I am not a Nutritionist, nor am I recommending this as the right thing for you, just simply sharing what has worked for me!

 Top 2 things that gave my body a Jump-Start:

  • Adjusting water intake
  • Eliminating gluten

Water.  How much are you drinking?  Is it enough?


I wasn’t even coming close to consuming what my body needed. You should aim for drinking half your body weight in ounces.  For example; if you are a 200 lb man, you should be shooting for a minimum of 100 oz a day.  If you exercise a lot or sweat profusely – you need to add more to accommodate that sweat loss.

 Lemon water?  Even better.  This is how I start my morning EVERY single day, without fail. A cup of warm lemon water – before all else!  There are SO many healthy benefits for drinking it. Just a few to name:

  •  Helps aid in weight loss —  The pectin fiber found in lemons helps reduce hunger cravings.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Helps purify and stimulate the liver.
  • It’s packed with anti-oxidants and helps clear your skin.
  • Helps avoid indigestion and bloating.
  • Helps aid elimination – You get the point!
  • Reduces inflammation (Acidity in your body is decreased with the consumption of lemon water.  This can relieve the uric acid in your joints — which is a cause of inflammation).

I realize buying lemons and squeezing them into your water every morning can seem tedious, or wasteful to do this daily.  This is why instead I just add a couple drops of lemon essential oil to my water — SO much easier and makes less work.  This trick was big for me, because parents know that simplifying your morning with 2 toddlers underfoot is always appreciated!


 Gluten.  Elimination of this was the next trick I pulled out of the hat.  Subtracting that from my diet was a game changer.  I noticed a difference within the first week of applying that decision.  No more bloating after meals and I just felt better overall.  My body responded very well to it – and quickly I might add.  I stayed on track with that until I hit my goal, and even now I probably remain 85% gluten free just because I like the way I feel.

I say 85% because I cut out “obvious gluten,” and what I mean by that is that is that I don’t go as far as checking labels on sauces or spices (as this was not an allergy related choice). Also, if I want dessert or something that has gluten in it once in awhile, I eat it!  I never deprive myself because I don’t think that is a system that works long term for people. whether they’re athletes or not.

Here are just a few benefits of cutting out gluten:

  • Improved digestion
  • Neurological benefits
  • Increased energy levels
  • Helps reduce chronic inflammation
  • Helps you avoid processed foods
  • Reduces bloating

Making these changes in addition to starting out with some at-home workouts (as I was not confident enough to run out on the road or work out in the gym) is what enabled me to lose my baby weight and become the strongest version of me.

The photo on the left was me 6-weeks postpartum after my 2nd son, the day I got cleared to work out.


Biggest Tips for Those of You Beginning Your Journey:

  1. Do NOT do too much too soon!  Too often people want to see change by the next day and go 115% in their first few days only to tire and burn out and eventually quit.  Start slow.  Take it easy, change will come as you get stronger.
  2. Find support & motivation!   IG has proved to be a HUGE motivational and support system for me.  A place where I have connected with and Friended so many other runners, athletes, co-workers, gym members and parents — all with like-minded goals.  We support each other while we balance every day life, proving to one another it IS all possible.
  3. DOCUMENT your journey.  I can’t stress this enough.  Trust me – I know how hard it is to take those “before” pictures.  But those pictures will fuel the fire on days when you need a pick me up and want to see how far you’ve come.  I love being able to see the hard work pay off as I reflect back, and you will too.  Do it!
  4. Figure out what your motivation is.  What is going to drive this force for a healthy lifestyle for you?  A huge factor for me is my boys.  Children are sponges so we need to lead by example.  Making sure kids get off to a good, healthy start is going to help keep them on track growing up.  I also want to be able to keep up with them.  At only two and four years old, my boys have proved to be unstoppable, and I want to be just like them.

 What tips and tricks do you guys have for things that have worked for you?


13 Comments on “My transformation kickstart”

  1. Couldn’t be prouder of you, doing this all on your own, with a baby and toddler underfoot. Every Mom knows what a trial kids are at that age, and some more than others. With exercise and good eating, you sculpted and claimed the body you wanted to have. Maybe a few taco days in there keeps ya goin’, I don’t know. But your drive is admirable, your transformation stunning and shocking. Whatever keeps your fire burning is working for ya! Great job.


  2. You continue to amaze the throngs of followers you have, as they grow and get to know you. Glad you’ve made great friends from running, and keep improving from your high school days. You were content to just be on the team then…now you’re more content to show you’re a leader in your field. Every month will show your goals, and every year, a stunning new transformation of those goals.

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