Momentum Jewelry

 I recently was chosen to be an Ambassador for Momentum Jewelry – a company that sells athletic & inspired jewelry.  So, what does that mean exactly?  It means that I now get to help represent a company whose product and brand I love.  And I get to do that by wearing their functional, eye-catching jewelry while I work out.  Cause let’s be honest, just because you workout like a beast doesn’t mean you have to look like one!

I first learned about their jewelry through their Instagram, and was immediately sold on the product and the idea behind it once I tried my first Motivate Wrap:


You also have an option to customize your jewelry, and as a spin instructor I felt compelled to do just that to represent things other than running that I am equally passionate about.

Warning: One is never enough.  Once you order from their website an un-explainable force pulls you back in like tractor beam.  This is highly addictive jewelry.


These Motivate Wrap bracelets are one-size fits all and are washable, waterproof, non-tarnishing and extremely soft and comfortable. They do not move, pinch, pull or chafe in any way. They are designed perfectly to add motivation, encouragement and a little twist of fashion sense to your workout.  Brilliant!  You can also interchange the wraps to switch up the look of your favorite mantras – the options are endless! It’s not just bracelets either, they have necklaces, headbands, earrings, foot notes, and more you’ll have to check out.  Since becoming an Ambassador my collection is growing rapidly!


Lastly, I love the message and idea that stands behind this product. As a Mom of two young toddler boys, fitness and a healthy lifestyle is something I will always encourage my boys to embrace and go after.

This excerpt from the Momentum Jewelry website is really what captured my attention and reeled me into their products to begin with:

“At Momentum we believe in jewelry as a beautiful means of expression. We believe in living your passion. And because we believe in the importance of instilling a healthy lifestyle at an early age, 5% of our profits are donated to the national effort Action for Healthy Kids. Founded in 2002, Action for Healthy Kids works with schools to fight the national epidemic of childhood obesity by teaching kids to live healthy, active lives. Learn more at

Even better when a product you love supports such a significant cause.  Take a second to check them out and Find your Spark if you haven’t already!



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