For the Love of Asics

I get asked quite a bit about the shoes that I wear for running.  If you have been following me long via any social media outlet, you know that I only run in ASICS.  It is not a secret. I’m 110% predictable that way.  I thought I would get a little more specific about the different models I have been training in and have proved to be my favorites this past year.

 All the bright colors of this Gel Noosa Tri  model caught my eye, and I had to have them.  The brighter the better for my running shoes and anything with orange, yellow or lime green – well, just take my money!


The Gel DS Trainer 20 is a favorite model of mine.  I currently have this one in 2 colors.  Typically I am not a huge fan of so much pink and purple, but they got me with the electric yellow colored laces.  I do all my training runs in this model right now.


These are the same model as the previous – Gel DS Trainer 20    just in another color I had to have.  Annnnnnnd while linking this shoe, I noticed they are on sale 50% off right now with free shipping – Any guesses what I’ll be doing after this post?


This next model Gel-Super J33 is the one I have been running my half marathons in this year.  I tried them out for the first time in January and I love them.  They are lightweight and make me speedy!  It appears this exact color is only available on Amazon now.


Shoes are the MOST important thing for a runner.  You have to find what works for you and RUN with it.  I have been wearing Asics since high school and I love them because they never have to be “broken in” for me.  I can take off in a brand new pair on a 10-mile run and be just fine.  Any time I have ever tried another brand (maybe 3 times over the last 20 years), it has resulted in some kind of injury, like shin splints or knee pain.

It’s also a good idea to keep your running shoes strictly for running.  If you do a lot of cross training or walking, I suggest having a separate pair of shoes for that.  Depending on the activity you are doing, your feet land differently in the shoe and will break them down quicker, offering less support when running.

Spend the money on a good shoe, save yourself the injury and run happy my friends!

What about you guys, what brands do you LOVE and run in?


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