Runstreak Day 100

On Sunday 5/1 my Sister and I ran 5 miles to celebrate our 100 days of



I’m happy that such a milestone fell on this day. To be honest I started my day feeling pretty down.  Thankfully, a good run with scenic views is always cure for that.


Today was the OC Half Marathon which is where my first run streak started last year. Tomorrow would have marked 365 days of streaking for me, but if you’ve been following me long, you know in Jan it broke when my sweet baby boy was ill and we spent 3 nights at Radys.

I don’t talk about it much anymore because it bothered me when people would comment the foolish-ness of being sad about a running streak when my child was sick.

They were missing the point.

It goes without saying kids come first above all else, I never pondered leaving his bedside to go for a run. But that streak started for me during a very tough time and it gave me something positive to focus on. Something that made me happy. As runners I know you can relate to the way that running helps us work through things.

My boys health & happiness has and will always come before all else, but I can still be sad about letting go of goals I had set for myself. While it seems like a silly thing to be sad over to some, it wasn’t silly to me.

Now 100 days ago my Sister joined me on the madness that is streaking and it’s been so fun to share in this together. Can’t wait to see how far we go and finish out all our race adventures this year! How lucky am I to have a Sister that loves running as much as me? Love you B! 👯💕#wecollectmedals #andtruckerhats #justonemore 😑



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